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UVic Fieldschools Project

A customized version of the popular Open Atrium Drupal profile created for the University Of Victoria.

Download a copy of the source code and sample database.

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Welcome to the UVic Fieldschools project homepage.

This project was originally developed for the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI) located at the University Of Victoria.

Your organization can use this platform to install your version of the project by downloading the source code as a .zip or tar.gz file. Within the download you will also find a default database which can be installed as a starting point for your own organization's fieldschool website.

What is the UVic Fieldschool project?

The UVic Fieldschools Project is an online collaborative workspace that allows teachers and students to share ideas, discussions, documents and blog posts from anywhere on the Internet. This project is based on the popular Open Atrium framework and has been customized for the University of Victoria's Fieldschool requirements. Included in these customizations is the development of public-facing blog pages that allows students to post blog posts to the public side of the website.

Features of UVic Fieldschool Project

The International Field Schools Project extends the popular collaboration system Open Atrium ( – a Drupal-based group collaboration platform. The Field Schools website includes:

Authors and Contributors

The Open Atrium project was originally created by Development Seed, now maintained by Phase 2 Technology. The UVic Fieldschools modifications were completed in Summer 2012 by Robin Puga, Digiloom. The source code and this page are hosted by GitHub - social coding .

Support or Contact

Having trouble with your installation of UVic Fieldschools? Contact and we’ll help you sort it out.